Range of Work


Jones is best known for her design and woven work in the tapestry medium. This is a selection spanning the length of her career, since she graduated from The National School for Decorative Art in France in 1983, completed solo or in collaboration with trained weavers.

The Blessing Intertidal Fishing Townscape with Windmill Jean's Chair (back) Point Lobos


Working in a variety of media, Jones explores the fusion between subject and expression. Often the subject invokes a style or colour scheme, with metaphoric representation enhanced by a limited palette and/or collaging of imagery.

The-Weaving-Lesson Purple Jesus Barred Owl Christ and Buddha II Pacific Trade Route Woodcutters at Cypress Mountain Hats Good Friday
Break With the Past Marise Kitchen Garden Nelson Island

Painting on Textile

Fabric paint on linen has served Jones as the medium of choice for commissions involving textile works for site-specific application where the artist and client assess that a hand woven tapestry is not suitable. Finished works on linen have a characteristic textile softness and swag, without the insurance concerns or vulnerability to sunlight of an heirloom tapestry.

First Return Waterfall Joy Plenty


Jones works with clients on interior and exterior wall mural projects. Often the site-specific concerns dominate, and the client and artist agree to serve the site and its use in finding a relevant design. Jones works alone or with a team to complete the work (in situ for exterior /in studio for interior application).

The Path To Peace Women Scientist Series II Women Scientist Series VI

Architectural Glass

Jones combines hand-made glass sheets with magnifying lens and contrasting geometric inlays, for site-specific application.

Glass Composition II Glass Composition I


Wool carpets are designed by Jones and sent to be hand-tufted at a reputable carpet factory in India. Custom orders are accepted upon job analysis.

Coptic Concentric Sundial Lodge I Sundial Lodge I


Jones creates designs for the needlepoint enthusiast to complete.

Daisy Game Cornflower Knot Tulip